Web design –routine work or something more?

Have you ever thought about how designers work? Are they just sitting in front of the monitor and making pages and sites for customers? People have different opinions about this point. Someone agree with the statement «web design is just a work » because you are just earning money like the others in this world. The rest thought that web design is something more than routine work in office or fabric. You are a creator, so you are always thinking about different variants and ideas; you plan the structure of every page and you need something easy and at the same time unusual. So it`s looks like an art.

On one hand, web design could be just a craft. This position is partly true.Technologies are taking up a huge part in profession, because you are doing everything to get user to the information by the easiest way. With the help of the site, customers are cooperating with the holders of the company or shop. People could ask something if they don`t understand or leave their opinion about company or shop. Everything is doing with the help of technologies, just to show the correct way for user. In addition, creators have some technical problems during the creation of the site – many different advertisements, huge banners, links etc. You need to make them as compact is possible because the most important thing for customer is the contents of the site. Your site will always have many rivals, who has one task – have more visitors and achieve more than his competitors succeed. These things drive creators in rigid frames making their work much harder.

On the other hand, web design was made to change the conception of web sites. Today people are not in 1990s, when first web sites ever looked like pages with amount of information and links to skip pages from one to another. Today we can get what we want with pleasure, watching beautiful animation, short videos of explanation of something and many other cool things. Of course, everything must be as easy as possible, but ease can be beautiful. Everything depends on the kind of the site and on the information in this site. If it`s site of business company or something like that, it is strong and smart, with direct lines and clear columns. But if it is a web site devoted to art or literature, it has different pictures of famous artists, unusual images from the pages of classic novels or something like that.

People may understand that web design is not only the way to earn money and to achieve more success. It is the way of creating something new, showing people new look on the things. Work of web designer is not so simple.