Web design. Popular styles

In the Internet, we can find millions of web sites made in different styles. It could be bleak with strange-printed words in menu or it could be bright with lots of different pictures and links. However, that is only a small part of what web sites could look like. Here is the most popular styles of web sites.


People who order the design of web sites are always trying to put a lot of information in it: a lot of text, images, links, and advertisements. Nevertheless, this way cannot be good every time, so in that case designers are using one rule – «less is more». Creator is trying to focus the user`s attention on the most important parts of the site. However, it doesn`t mean that pages must be empty. Designer need to get rid of unnecessary elements – colorful background, animations, a huge amount of images and other things that could distract the user. You can choose one unobtrusive pattern for background that will repeat on every page.

Classical style

This style was in great request in web design earlier and is very popular now. However, it has list of rules, which must be observes in the decoration process:

  • Every web site has clear columnar structure on the top of the page when you can see name of the site, logo and slogan.
  • Menu must be on the top or on the left. It looks prettily and help users to get better navigation on the pages.
  • For web sites made in classical style, designers should use soft colors with minimum of graphic and with no animation.
  • Prints must be useful for guests to read, for example Arial or Taxoma.

Classical style is more typical for sites of different companies or private pages of businesspersons.

«Retro» style

A bit unusual style for web design. There are not so much variants of making sites with this style – it could be online shop, advertising or promo site. The main differences of this particular style is that designers are using simple geometrical figures like rounds or squares to make them look like post mark or something like that. Other elements also may be added – to make web site older and shabby. It looks good when you are creating site to sell some «retro» things.

HI TECH style

This style was found in architecture in 1970s, but ten years later people started to use it in decoration. During the period of technological developing HI TECH has been provided in web design.The main distinction of this style is that in fact it does not have any decoration elements, because it was made more functional. Often people who need site in HI TECH style are connected to the IT technologies – it could be specialized company, or an educational site.

Menu must be on the top of the page, there must be only directed lines and no beautiful colors. Everything must be cold and looks like metal or glass.

So there you can see the most useful styles of web design, which are using by the designers according to the object of the site.