Web design in different countries. Features and differences.

Every day web design is getting more and more popular. Everyone want to be a good designer because there is a huge requirement of these people around the world. Moreover, every country has its own features concerning web design. Style of decoration, favorite color spectrum, different printing types etc. When designer is getting an order to do work out an interface for the site, he couldbe amazed of what standards people are using in this particular country. In some cases, there are not so many differences, but sometimes it could be something that we have never seen before.

Arabic web design

The main feature of Arabic web design is right-to-left design, which means that user needs to read the text from right to left. It could be uncomfortable for other people to read it like this, but this is also a feature of the Arabic countries and their traditions. Nevertheless, when designer is working with right-to-left interface, he must admit that everything must be reflected like in a mirror. It could be strange for users from other countries, but Arabic people andthe Jews are using it.

American web design

If we have a look on the American web sites, we will see that they are completely similar. They have strong unchanging limits concerning creation of web sites:

  • Fixed width of the page. Designers want to save resources and make their site available for every device.
  • Advertising banners. This element is used as a link for the other sire and like a «door» to the other site.
  • Familiar images and associations. You will see everything, which concerns to the particular site. If it`s shopping page, you will see people holding baskets with different products.

Chinese web design

Chinese style is associated with luxury of imperial palace, with lots of different decorations such as golden dragons, porcelain vases and scarlet walls. You can feel the part of culture just crossing the pages of the site. But there`s one important thing – when you are copying different hieroglyphs, you need to be sure that it`s Chinese language. It won`t be good when people will meet Japanese hieroglyphs on the Chinese site because they have another look and have different translation.

Web design in Greece

What is the first that you think about when you hear about Greece? It`s the sun, the sea and, of course, legends about ancient Greece, which you could hear for thousands of times. In design of sites, designers are using soft and delicate colors and could use ornaments for decoration.

It is the finest examples of using web design in different countries, including their traditions, habits and national features. We can see that every country has something special to differ from the others.