Web design – how it was born.

How small graceless web sitehas become huge and beautiful.

If you ask your son about web design, he could easily answer you, but he will not be sure if you understand everything he said. Millions of people are working with web design, put less than a half know exactly what it mean.

The definition of web designsounds like that – branch of web engineering, which covers many different ways of creating web sites and designing personal web pages. The main task of web designer is to make useful structure of web site, make the most comfortable ways of getting an information to the user and to make good graphic décor of the page. But this work is not so easy. Designers are always creating new decoration of the sites, making it beautiful and useful in one time. It could be one page ore a huge site with more than fifty pages.

The origin of web design begins from the 1990s, when people start to create first web sites. Tim Barrens-Li, the man who created HTML, made the first web page in 1991. That page contained only text with links, nothing more. On that time, nobody thought such things like web design. Then, in 1997-1998, web sites were making a lot of progress in the question of decoration. The background was colorful and users could see the pop-up menu when they put their mouse cursors in the right place. In the beginning of 2000s designers started to make sites more comfortable and useful – they added colorful buttons and rounded corners to make page morepleasant for users. In 2007-2008, mobile services became more popular with the creation of iPhone and social networks. People created mobile applications and added special buttons to make them more useful.

Today web design is developing. People create more and more applications to make an option of finding information quicker and useful. Today you can find millions of different web sites with millions variants of decoration. However, today the main idea of each web site is to get the information to the user as quickly as possible.Some designers could make their sites more interactive, add mini games, different pop-up pictures with information in it, but if they won`t make it easy for other people, it will not be in demand for a long time.

Web design is always in progress, and everyone who works in that industry need to be looking for the updates because Internet users are always working with the most useful sites. Now people are trying to put informational part on the first plan, putting graphic and visual effects on the background.

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