Trends in web design

Every year designers are making their sites more diverse. They understand that things that were popular two years ago are now irrelevant. People want something new, something special, and unusual. Therefore, designers are taking advantage of trends – things, which become popular for people in current period.

But where can they use trends? And how? Answer to this question is here.

Every year our technologies are getting more convenient and smart. With that, progress designers could embed these upgrades into their web sites to make them smarter and easier for other people to use. In addition, it could bring out new ideas for pictures, compositions, images and other elements of décor. Here we have some fresh trends that are getting popular in web design this year.

More animations

Animation is playing the main role in the interfaces of web sites. Today the most popular element is an interactive instrument, which helps users in work: they could see the result of their actions. This year creators are focusing their attention on animations.

More help from bots

Last year experts thought that 2016 is the year of bots. But in 2017 there will be more and more bots on the web sites. There will be more talkative bots on the sites, the interfaces will be much useful than earlier (if you want to use bot on your site, you should have smart interface). Content makers will pay more attention to the customers (different forums and groups).


This is smart and functional module named «CSS Flexible Box Layout Module». Elements of the site could change their form according to the established rules. It is mastering so fast and helps in making page-poofs.

Similar first pages

No more hard or complicated graphical elements. They were popular later, but today designers are trying to throw away all unnecessary elements. There will be less than five words on the opening pages

Easy navigation

Navigation will no longer be in the upper corner of the page. Designers will hide it from the page or make it with pop-up system at the bottom or on the side of the page. The main idea of this fiction is to make menu more approachable for the user that he do not need to think how to find it. Make it as easy as possible: user moved his mouse to the one side, and menu jumped in. Compact and comfortable.

With the help of trends help people to create sites easy for use and beautiful to watch.