Best web designers in the world

You are a manager of a new company, and you want to cooperate with investors from other countries. Therefore, you need a web site with attractive design and understandable interface. However, you do not know how to create web site with this options. Moreover, you need to employ good web designer that he could create a good web site for you.

We know that there are many good web designers from different countries. They have their own tastes and could create good site with lots of chips and details. However, if you want to work with best of the best, who will you ask for?

If someone will ask you about the most famous web designer, what you will answer? Even if you are a good designer, you may not know any well-known web designers. Nevertheless, here you can find some information about this people, who they are and what did they do to become famous.

Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeffrey is the most famous web designer in the world. Moreover, he is well known as an author, podcaster and speaker. He started his career with publishing an independent content since 1995. In 1999, he found Happy Cog, a web and interaction design studio specializing in user-and-content-focused design powered by web standards. In 2016, Zeldman ended his business with this company and launched an independent design consultancy called Studio Zeldman. Jeffrey and Happy Cog were early advocates of standards-based web design and many of their current and former employees have greatly contributed to various initiatives on the web. One of them is popularizing ideas like CSS layout, responsive design and style switching.

Zelman wrote five books about web design, describing all details of working with it. He is also a main director of web site «A List Apart». He joined many events as a referee. He published many articles about web design, giving the advices to those who only started working.

Ethan Marcotte

Ethan has worked together with Zeldman, and together they worked on a book «Designing with Web Standards». Marcotte also positions himself as independent designer and it is true – he worked on a design for «People Magazine», «The Boston Globe», the school of Visual Arts and many other customers. He travelled around the world taking part in different conferences talking about web design. In one of his articles, published in May 2010 he introduced the notion of responsive web design. Later he published a book with the same name. Ethan is the technical editor of magazine «A List Apart».

As you can see, these people made a lot to improve web design and make it easy for other designers and people who are just beginning to work with it.